How To Paint Ceramic Tile, Part 2

Hey friends!  It’s FRIDAY, and as promised, I’m back to finish showing you how to paint ceramic tile.  To read part one, i.e. the account of my mistakes the first time I painted our fireplace, click here.  ;)

Here’s where we left off.  Apparently multi-surface primer is necessary for tile, a paint and primer combo isn’t enough.  You know, if you want the paint to actually stick.  We let the primer dry for a couple of days.


how to paint ceramic tile


Next up, my engineer painted on a light coat of our favorite gray, and we let that dry for another couple of days.  Don’t try to apply a thick coat of paint so that you can be done faster.  Paint dries on the surface fairly quickly, but it takes time to dry all of the way through.  A thick coat takes even longer, and doesn’t cure and “toughen up” as well.

Allowing plenty of dry time is essential.  Today, my sweet husband added a second light coat.  AND we added a barnwood “plaque”, for lack of a better term, to cover the insulation that covers the fireplace “hole.”


how to paint ceramic tile


I like that it is neat and clean but still rustic, and I’m so excited to have all all of the tile painted.  Just in time for Christmas decorating!!


how to paint ceramic tile


Tomorrow we’ll take off the shipping tape and release the carpet from captivity.  :)

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