How To Paint Ceramic Tile

Hey friends.  Do you have ugly ceramic tile in your house?  We have the same style in our foyer, hallway, and kitchen, and while I don’t mind it on the floor, I do mind that the tile crawled up my fireplace too.  I painted the mantel and some of the tiles a couple of years ago, and I love the new color (Behr’s Cracked Pepper, my paint color soul mate), but I didn’t really research how to paint ceramic tile first, and it hasn’t held up very well.

I put a chair in front of the peeling paint to photograph our fall mantel, but you can still see it.

A simple, easy, and neutral fall mantel is perfect for this warm and cozy season. Use warm colors and some fall foliage from your yard for simple decor.

I used Behr’s awesome paint and primer combo, but I guess it doesn’t have enough primer power for tile.   The paint was peeling wherever the fireplace screen touched it.

We don’t ever use the fireplace; I married a city boy engineer, and as cute as he is, he doesn’t like flames in the house.   (If you actually use yours, please ask a pro what kind of paint you should use.)

So besides learning how to paint ceramic tile the right way, I also needed a solution to an unused and dusty fireplace that sucked warm air out and let cold air in and was covered in an equally dusty and scratchy fireplace screen.   #runonsentence

This past weekend, I decided that primer is a MUST, and that unused fireplace screens are not, and I set about to rectify my mistake and solve a problem.




I sanded lightly just to remove the loose paint in those four corners, and scrubbed the “hearth” clean using hot water, vinegar, and a couple of drops of dish soap.

My engineer cut a piece of foam insulation to fit the fireplace opening.

Next came a coat of Zinsser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 Primer (that’s an affiliate link) on the hearth, and the bare spots.

A tip for painting next to carpet:  Use shipping tape to hold the carpet fibers away from your newly painted surface; it works like a charm.




Ok friends, I know this is looking pretty ugly right now, but I promise to have new paint and a fun, farmhouse style way to cover the insulation by Friday.

PROMISE ME you’ll come back so that this image isn’t stuck in your head for too long, ok?

Have a great day!!


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