Industrial Style DIY Tree Skirt

Hey friends!  Last week I posted a photo on Instagram (follow me HERE!) of our decorated Christmas tree.  It looked beautiful, but we had a bit of a tree skirt conundrum.  Our dogs think that any fabric laying on the floor is a dog toy, so a traditional tree skirt was not an option.   We are not spending any money on Christmas decorations this year, but we are spending time cleaning out the garage, so I went there first.  I found some old shelves that were once part of a bookshelf and an idea for a DIY tree skirt was born.





Industrial Style DIY Tree Skirt


The shelves were plain, cheap, and spattered with white paint.  Talk about trashy.  We bought some chunky hinges to attach three shelves like a room divider screen and add some industrial style.


industrial style diy tree skirt before


I swirled a tiny bit of gunmetal metallic paint on the hinges to “age” them a bit, and painted most of the wood with chalky paint in black.


industrial style diy tree skirt before 2


Next I “wallpapered” each board with a strip of paintable wallpaper too add some texture, and gave the entire “skirt” a coat of creamy white.


Industrial style DIY tree skirt in progress


The final step involved a tiny piece of sandpaper and a little distressing.  You know I can’t resist a little distressing.

Our finished skirt is about 13 inches tall, so we had to lift up a few of the lowest branches to slide it under our tree.


Industrial style DIY tree skirt 2


It is SO hard to photograph the details of the wallpaper!

Here’s a closer shot.

Industrial style DIY tree skirt

Our family room is my favorite place this time of year.

diy tree skirt family room

And now we don’t have to worry about the dogs eating our tree skirt!

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This year’s Christmas home tour is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Check out last year’s tours here and here.

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10 thoughts on “Industrial Style DIY Tree Skirt

  1. Perfect solution..I also immediately thought “CATS” …as my cats always like to sleep there and get it full of hair…rumple it up..etc. Thanks, I’ve been wondering for the last few days what I’m going to use as the crate I had in mind is a tad too small. I think I have some metal fake ceiling tiles that will be perfect and are already “aged”…thanks very much for the great idea.

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