Famous Farmhouse Decor Ideas: Your Favorite Posts Of The Past Year

Famous might be an exaggeration, but five of our top posts for 2016 WERE farmhouse decor ideas, and farmhouse decor IS famous, so I made the connection.  ;)    My friends, it has been so satisfying this past year to FINALLY settle on our personal style, and to begin to transform our builder grade suburban home into a personal space perfect for us.


Five Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Any Budget. Add Some Fixer Upper Style to Your Home with these easy DIY projects.

Favorite Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Let’s review our most popular posts of 2016, shall we?  You guys have great taste, these are my favorites too!  (just click on the arrows to see each of our famous farmhouse style decor ideas.

AND click on the links below each photo for the details of each project.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables

NUMBER FIVE:  Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables

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20 thoughts on “Famous Farmhouse Decor Ideas: Your Favorite Posts Of The Past Year

    1. Thank you Kristy! That wreath is one of my favorite projects, and I love decorating it for the seasons! Have a great weekend.

  1. Hello Kimm, I really liked your blog. I love to decorate my farmhouse. Your blog is very useful for me. I will surely try these ideas in my farmhouse that you shared in this blog. Thanks for sharing!

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