Scrap Wood Projects: Do You Wanna Build A Snowflake?

Hey friends, Happy New Year!   I am so excited for 2017 and it’s beautifully blank slate.   It’s so uplifting to know that I haven’t screwed anything up yet!  ;)   We have so many exciting plans this year for Reinvented, and for new businesses to come, and I can’t wait to share them all with you.  Should we start today?   It’s no secret that I am inspired by a pile of scrap wood, and I am planning to share even more scrap wood projects this year.  The engineer is so excited, you should see him dancing on those new titanium hips!  ;)


I’m working on a new Scrap Wood Projects Gallery page, just hover over Project Galleries in the Menu bar and click to browse!


First up is this DIY wood snowflake, built out of a couple pieces of 2×2 cedar leftover from a furniture project that I can’t remember right now.



Scrap Wood Projects:  Wood Snowflake


All you need to create this snowflake is a miter saw, and an engineer.  ;)  Or maybe that’s just me…

All of the cuts are 30 degree angles, fitting the long pieces together in the middle…


scrap wood projects snowflake before


And  attaching the smaller pieces around the perimeter. My engineer attached the pieces with wood glue and brad nails. Our love for rustic decor is a ideal match for our less than perfect DIY skills.  ;)  (shh, don’t tell him I said that…)


scrap wood projects snowflake wood


I decided to leave this flake unfinished because I loved the warm wood tone with our old white window and faux shiplap.

Scrap Wood Projects snowflake


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Scrap Wood Projects are my favorite projects. This DIY wood snowflake is perfect for your winter decor, put it together on a chilly winter day!


Wanna see how we incorporated this rustic piece in to our winter mantel?  Check out my guest post over at The Shabby Creek Cottage!

EEK!  Did you see what I said there??  I am over the moon excited to be a new contributor at The Shabby Creek Cottage, one of my all time favorite blogs, written by one of my all time favorite people, Gina Luker.   Another reason to be giddy about a new year.


Over on the Reinvented Facebook Page, we are “playing” The Minimalist Game this month, a decluttering game that is way more fun to play with friends.  If you’d like to play, check out this post.  Be sure you LIKE my page so that you don’t miss the fun!  All players who make it until the end will be entered in a drawing for a prize!


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