Ten Ways To Decorate With Red On A Budget

Last week on my Facebook Page, I asked my followers a very important question…I asked …”what is your biggest decorating challenge in your home?”  I got several thought provoking answers, and thought it would be fun to try and help solve the challenges here on the blog.   One follower, I’ll call her Sandy, cuz that’s her name, ;), said that she struggles with adding color to her home.  Sandy told me that her favorite color is red, so I did a little research and today I’m sharing ten ways to decorate with red.  On a budget, of course, because that challenge fits EVERYONE.


Ten Tips For Decorating With Red On A Budget. Add Pops of your favorite color to your home.

Ten Tips For Decorating With Red On A Budget

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As much as I love my neutral decor, I can’t resist a few pops of color.  Like Sandy, I love red; especially in the months of December-February.  Other months I love other colors, like green, aqua and even orange, so it’s crucial to choose budget friendly accessories that I can switch out without guilt.

Throw pillows, snuggly blankets, ceramics and other accessories are perfect for pops.  Red is a bold color, so small objects pack a big punch.  A little really does go a long way.

Adding a little bit of color to every room spreads the color out and makes your decor more cohesive.  Use the kitchen ceramics above in the bathroom and the lanterns in the bedroom or on the patio.  Move them around when you get bored.  Not that that ever happens to me or anything.  Add green at Christmas, pink for Valentine’s Day and aqua for a vintage vibe.

You never knew red was so versatile, did you?

Enjoy this round up of fun red finds, all under $30, and add a pop to your place!

Click on the numbers below the photo for links.


Ten Tips For Decorating With Red On A Budget. Add Pops of your favorite color to your home.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | | Six |  Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

This one’s for you Sandy!  Have a great week everyone!!

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