Easy Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Fall

Sharing easy farmhouse decor ideas with you is one of my favorite things to do; and today I get to share some of my favorite farmhouse friends hens with you too.   We’ve joined forces to bring to you a new monthly farmhouse style blog hop, and today is our first installment, farmhouse vignettes.


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Come on, let me introduce you to my fellow farmhouse hens!


easy farmhouse decor ideas for fall featured image


I could go on and on about how much I love and admire these talented ladies, but I’m pretty sure you’re ready for some easy farmhouse decor ideas for fall, so when you have some time, head over to my Facebook Page where I have introduced each hen and shared some of her work, AND when you’re done here, be sure to check out their farmhouse fall vignettes too.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I chose my mantel for our fall vignette post, it’s one of my very favorite spots to decorate.   I used mostly stuff I already had, and a couple of bunches of faux leaves I bought with a gift card.


easy farmhouse decor ideas for fall


Easy Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Fall


  • Warm colors (think stained wood, colored leaves, baskets, pumpkins)
  • Old metal, the rustier the better (I found the rusty metal leaves last year and love them so much)
  • Books in fall colors (books just add warmth and coziness, choose any color that fits your decor)

easy farmhouse decor ideas for fall

  • Some classic neutrals to keep things grounded  (the gray pedestal, white window, black mantel, etc. keep my mantel from looking like a jack-o-lantern threw up on it, if you know what I mean…)
  • Plenty of texture (woven candlestick, basket, shiny metal, yarn pumpkin…)


easy farmhouse decor ideas for fall


Now it’s time for the blog hop?  Wait, do hens hop?  Scurry maybe?  I’m not sure what they do.  Cluck…

Just go, ok?  Thank you so much for supporting us!  We would really appreciate your pins and shares!  Just click on the share icons at the top or bottom of this post.

Welcome to the very first Farmhouse Hens Decorate Blog Hop.

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Fall Farmhouse Decor Cloche – Megin @ VMG 206

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Farmhouse Gather Window Sign – Sam @ Raggedy Bits


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10 thoughts on “Easy Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Fall

  1. Those olive buckets are gorgeous. I love how simple and classic your mantel is. Quaint just like farmhouse should be. The tobacco basket, is another beautiful piece Kim

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