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Hi! My name is Kimm and I’m the voice of REINVENTED.

Truth be told, sometimes I need reinvented.  ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog.  I am thrilled to meet you, and so excited to be friends.


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I started this blog in 2009, after “discovering” the completely unknown yet utterly exciting blog world via a printed link in a magazine.  My first obsession was Nesting Place, and the rest is history.  I knew almost instantly that this was a world I wanted to live in, and a community I wanted to be a part of.

Here you will find craft projects, decorating tips, and DIY ideas for REAL PEOPLE (you and me) that are easy on the budget.

Throughout my six years of blogging, I’ve struggled to define my personal style.  I am pretty sure I’ve finally settled on a modern farmhouse look, so if you’re still struggling also, I promise there is hope.


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1.  My family is my life.  I’m pretty sure these four think I’m nuts most of the time, but they are too nice to tell me so.  They are gorgeous and smart and funny and just THE BEST.  I just wish they’d quit growing, for goodness sake.




I am married to an engineer.  That means everything he I do is measured twice and cut once.  Unless I am left to my own devices, then things can get a little out of hand.  Seriously though, he is one patient, loving, and totally laid-back dude who is EXACTLY what I need. He keeps me grounded and focused on what’s most important.

I do not have a photo of said husband because he hates to get his picture taken, and he’d probably freak out if I put it on the internet.  Just sayin’.

2.  I have been a nurse for 26 years, and have worked in a variety of settings.  Currently, I work in an emergency department part time, and I love every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute.  ;)  Nursing has given me the flexibility I need to work on my blog and grow my business.

3.  I am a child of God and totally undeserving of the salvation He provided through His Son, but every day I try anew to live up to it.


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1.  This blog is NOT a place where I am the expert with all of the ideas.  OH NO.  I obsess about, plan for, and dream about home decor SO MUCH that I am bound to have a good idea every now and then, but this is meant to be a place where we share our ideas, and the good stuff we find.

2.  Reinvented is for ladies and gents, moms and dads, that want a beautiful home, and love to decorate, but don’t want to or can’t go buy all new stuff each time they crave a fresh look.  We tweak what we have, re-style, and reinvent.

3.   On that note, here at Reinvented, we believe in the power of  paint.  Paint is my favorite, and it’s the perfect way to transform a house, a room, a wall, or any piece of decor or furniture to suit YOUR style, and YOUR home on YOUR budget.  If you like paint too, then you are in the right place!

I guess that’s it! It’s a pleasure to meet you, please feel free to browse REINVENTED to your heart’s content. Check out my project gallery here, or search using the box at the top of each page.  Popular posts are also listed in the side bar.

If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to say “Hi”, e-mail me at reinventedkb{at} gmail{dot}come, or click on CONTACT at the top of the page. I would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Start Here

    1. Hi Mary Beth! Thank you so much for visiting and following along! I live in Columbus, Ohio, but I LOVE Chicago! :)

  1. I love what you did with the box end table…love the rubbed bronze spray painted legs too! Rubbed bronze is one of my favorites! We have an old home in upstate NY. Last fall I took off all of the door knobs and worn brass plates and sprayed them with ORB and they turned out great! I just this past month learned of route 127 sales and put it on my bucket list! Looks like it was great fun! Nice to meet you and your blog!

  2. I have done the 127 sale for years. It is lots of fun. I do suggest that you call ahead (soon if you are going this year) for reservations if you do not have a camper, motor home etc. Motels really raise their rates for this time. Good friends to share the cost of rooms & gas really help. Hope this helps.

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