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8 thoughts on “My Reinvented Home

  1. Hi Kimm. I was trying to find your post about painting your kitchen table. My daughter and I want to paint hers and need advise!! If you could, tell me of your mistakes and the proper way to paint it!! She has 2 DARLING boys(my grandboys) and the table gets a lot of wear and tear!! Thanks so much, Sue

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you so much for visiting! The Home pillow is from All’asta, it is a direct sales company. Unfortunately, all of their items are only offered for 1-2 seasons, so it’s no longer available.

  2. Hi there, just a comment about your family room, a lovely space but I feel it needs some items that are a little more “chunky”. Everything is very small and precious.
    I feel the look would be improved if you made the shelves on each side of your fireplace a little larger and “Chunkier” i.e. use some 2″ boards and paint them white instead of black, (would tie in well with the window frame on the mantle) make them a little longer to fill in the space. PLace some larger items on the shelves like maybe baskets, a china platter on each of the top shelves and again some larger pieces on the bottom shelves. The mantle looks great . Right now the eye sees little bits of black scattered here and there..Also not fussy on the scrolling above the photos, too flimsy looking.
    I know you didn’t ask but I am an old 72 year old decorator who can’t resist the chance to try and improve. Love the overall look.

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