Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Reinvented on the Road!

Treasures, treasures, EVERYWHERE!

I have been on a mad “reinvention” spree. Nothing in my path is safe. I have raided and pillaged every thrift store in town.

Why, you ask? Can’t you people just trust me and GO WITH IT? Why are you always asking me to explain myself?

Oh, yeah, I started this blog, didn’t I?

The reason for my madness?? I’m taking REINVENTED on the ROAD!

Well, just about 10 minutes up the road, actually. I will be at the WOMEN HELPING WOMEN BUSINESS EXPO at Church of the Resurrection in New Albany, Ohio on Saturday from 9-2pm.


I’m taking this opportunity to introduce our little REINVENTED community to my “in real life” community. And I plan to have LOTS of “reinvented” treasures to share. Why does this make me so nervous?

I even have BUSINESS CARDS! Oh. my. gosh.

Let’s change the subject, my anxiety level is getting a little out of hand.

So…Spring is not only the best time for garage sales, it’s also the BEST time to shop the thrift stores.

I love it when OTHER PEOPLE SPRING CLEAN! They get rid of stuff that I want. There’s one complication to this scenario. Their houses get cleaner, and mine gets more cluttered.

I even found items last week that didn’t need reinvented.

Isn’t that silver bowl adorable? And the aqua bottle? Perfect for my spring color scheme that I’m liking so much it may be my ALL YEAR ROUND color scheme. I’m not sure what that metal “cage” is, but it reminds me of a beehive.

That glass dome is part of a cheese server. I painted the base and added a crystal bowl with some phlox. Like a mini terrarium.

I have food storage jars with chalkboard labels, and LOTS OF POTS. This one would be perfect for my herb garden. I need a little help sometimes remembering what I planted!

Some stuff REALLY NEEDED HELP. But you’ll have to trust me on that, ‘cuz I forgot the before picture of this next project.

This chalkboard used to be a 70’s wooden plaque with a decoupaged still-life on it that PROBABLY was quite “in” in the 70’s. Can you picture it? Good. With a purple “frame” it’s perfect for a little girl’s room.

Okay, now it’s YOUR TURN to do the talking! Link up your projects ladies! Please be sure to link back to REINVENTED, so that your readers can enjoy the projects too!

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