Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Chalkboard Paint Treasures

Today’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday is dedicated to all of you that have never TRIED a Trash to Treasure project, preferring to read and drool over others’, mumbling “I wish I had the nerve to try.” You know who you are.

We all know how HOT chalkboard paint projects are in blogworld right now. They are also EASY and perfect for an anxious beginner. They’re also a great way to add frugal style to your home. If you like chalkboards and dust, that is.

So, ladies, dust off your anxiety, buy a can of chalkboard paint, and shop your house or local thrift store for something to paint.

Look for a wood plaque with “art” that’s past its prime to make a classic chalkboard like this.

You can paint the board a fun color, then tape off a rectangle for the chalkboard. It will take several coats.

OR, recycle food jars into storage for small stuff.

Painting on glass is a little more time consuming. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly, or the new coat will wipe off the old.

Here’s my next project. With all of the baking we’re doing (see yesterday’s post!), we needed larger containers for flour and sugar. I plan to add chalkboard labels to these.

Other ideas for chalkboards include “silver” trays, scrap wood, or old frames. Have fun with it, and remember, you can’t ruin TRASH!

If you’ve never attempted a TRASH to TREASURE project, make today the day!

Now, if you’re a TRASH to TREASURE expert, then link up your project!!

How To Make A Rustic Flower Pot From A Thrifted Bowl

Hey hey my loves!  Thank you so much for coming by.   Last weekend I was strolling through my weekly Goodwill shopping trip, and I spotted the cutest curvy little Christmas bowl.  While I certainly don’t need another red and green vessel, I’m always on the lookout for another rustic flower pot in which to “grow” my faux plants.

So I didn’t choose her for her outfit, but for her scallops and curves.  She only set me back $1.99, and I knew that with a little creativity and paint, she’d be exactly what I was looking for.

After a quick wash with the dish soap, I sprayed on a coat of flat white primer, to make sure that I covered the bright colors and pattern.  AND I forgot to take a photo of that step.  Just picture a plain white bowl, ok?

Next I added a light coat of oil rubbed bronze.  I was kinda going for an old painted metal pot look, so the bronze was the perfect base.

After the metallic paint dried, I finished up with a coat of Heirloom White.   After a little distressing, I had a perfect little rustic flower pot.

I think this pretty pot will live on a wood tray on our kitchen island, but tonight I’m loving her on my farmhouse patio table!

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