Breakin’ Rules

Rules are meant to be broken, right?

Especially if they’re decorating rules that are old and stupid, right?

How do I define old and stupid, you ask? Well…

If it’s a rule I used to like, and now I don’t, then it’s OLD and STUPID. I love it when I make perfect sense.

Anyway, I used to like brass lamps. And brass candlesticks. And brass light fixtures.

Now, I don’t. So even though painting over real brass is probably a sin, I did it anyway. I’m crazy like that.

See this lamp? I don’t like it anymore. I usedta love it. (Is “usedta” a word?)

(That is not dirt on the baseboard, it just needs painted. Not sure which is worse…)

This is the shade that came with it. I usedta like pleats. Now I don’t. Do you see where I’m going here?


“REAL” brass looks lovely painted Heirloom White, doesn’t it? The burlap covered shade is AWESOME, I looooove the contrast in textures.

So, here’s my new rule:

If you’re not enjoying something because you don’t like how it LOOKS, change it. Within reason, of course.

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Upcycled Furniture Projects How To Paint A Tattered Table

There is nothing more exciting than a thrift store on Monday.  (be sure to subscribe to Reinvented to get my FOUR other tips for successfully shopping thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales!)  People tend to clean and sort on the weekends, and I am the lucky recipient of the junk they chose to donate.  Yeehaw!   I am in the midst of a mega purge session myself, but I’ll admit I’m not above dropping my junk off at the back door and circling around to the front to buy someone else’s.  Upcycled furniture projects are some of my favorites, so when I spotted this cute little side table I had to take her home.

She was the perfect candidate for this month’s Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge.


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There’s no monthly theme.

There’s no budget to stick to.

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Upcycled Furniture Project

My new BFF had seen better days.  She’s solid, but her outfit is so 1970’s.  She had some water damage on top and was missing a tiny bit of trim, but those curves hinted at her glory days.

I cleaned her up and sanded the top well with 180 grit sandpaper to smooth out the ridges left from a spill.   I planned to use chalk type paint for this makeover and distress her well, so no more prep was necessary.

As soon as I spotted that chicken wire door I knew this table would really shine with  farmhouse style.  I first gave her two coats of creamy white paint while the engineer crafted a new piece of tiny trim.

Quick Painting Tip:  Use paper plates to protect your floors when painting inside; they won’t bunch up around the legs, and will slide easily if you need to sit in one spot and rotate your project cuz you’re lazy.

This table is narrow yet deep, perfect for a lamp and a book, and sporting a large surface that I just couldn’t leave alone.  I pulled out a stencil (the same

stencil I used for our modern farmhouse wall art) and added a light coat of gray with pattern with a foam roller for a softer look.  The addition reminds me of the crocheted doilies my grandma added to every table top.

To paint metal hardware when it’s too cold for spray paint, I add a coat of gray chalky paint first, (it will stick to the metal) then wipe on a little metallic craft paint for shimmer.  The hinges were painted white so they would blend in.

Lastly I added more gray paint to the corner accents to match the stencil,  distressed her with sandpaper, and added a light coat of wax to protect her new look.

Ready for some after shots?

Those girly curves get me every time!

I might have visited the same thrift store every day for a week hoping she had a long lost twin I could adopt…

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