Pumpkins Rising

Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday. I hope you all got the memo in yesterday’s post about the party starting in the evening this week, and haven’t been cursing me all day long.

Have you entered the giveaway? Scroll down to see what you can win. I know a lot of us “trash to treasure types” think that a cool accessory is the spray paint splotches we wear proudly on our fingertips, but this is REAL jewelry, people.

Anyway, since we’re all in the throes of fall decorating, tonight I thought I’d showcase the lowly pumpkin.

Pumpkins have long been a staple of fall and Halloween decorating, of course, but do you ever get a little bored with their presentation? Are you tired of Jack ‘o lantern faces?

You wouldn’t be if you snagged some cake plates from the thrift store and piled those scary faced gourds on.

One year I let my kids buy pumpkin carving stencils. I STILL have a cramp in my fingers. Those stencils found the trash can before Trick or Treat was over.

Now I’m thinkin’ that PAINTING the pumpkins is a FABULOUS idea. No knives involved.

What about guilding? (photo from countryliving.com)

Elevate your pumpkin to sculpture status by placing it in an old, chippy urn. I. love. this. (photo from countryliving.com)

Hang them from your dining room chandy. (photo from countryliving.com)

This one’s my idea. I’m sure you couldn’t tell from the photo quality. I have a real “thing” about varying the heights in a display, so I elevated this little Goodwill pumpkin on a spray painted Goodwill candlestick. Candlesticks are fabulous for elevating all kinds of stuff. If the top surface isn’t large enough for your item, add a plate. A Goodwill plate, of course, painted to match your candlestick. The lowly pumpkin’s not so lowly anymore.

Link up those projects! Please link back to REINVENTED in your post so that everyone can participate!


Good morning!  We’re back to Hump Day again!  Actually, I’m over the “hump” this morning because I’m leaving early Friday morning for Nashville for an Origami Owl training event.

I’m so excited!  AND we’ve turned it into a girls’ weekend to celebrate a BFF’s birthday, so that tosses me “over the moon!”

Anyway, you probably didn’t come here to hear about my weekend plans.

I’ve got a little sumpin’ to share today; my continually rotating vignette in the powder room.

It consists only of a frame with rotating art (that’s the best part), and a couple of seasonal accessories, but it’s a fun little spot to decorate for little $$ in a space that doesn’t always get much style.  At least not in my house.

Here’s what it looked like for the month of December.  I bought the shelf a couple of years ago at a garage sale (I think it originally came from PB) and painted it black.  The candy tree was a gift from a friend, and the sweet little vintage angel ornaments were a gift from my wonderful godmother.  The art is from Jones Design Company’s JDC Monthly subscription.

Just in case you haven’t met her, Emily, at JDC, designs and sells beautiful prints on her blog.  She also offers a monthly subscription to printables designed specifically for each month of the year.  The subscription includes an original art print, and coordinating calendar pages, shopping lists, meal planning and chore charts, etc.  There’s always a cute craft included too.  A little bit of joy in your inbox.  (Emily has no idea that I’m writing this today, I just LOVE her talent and her heart, and wanted to share)

Here’s January.  Complete with the shadows of an Ohio winter.  My Ball jars are filled with Epsom salt and tealights.

and I’m inspired to design this month’s PRA.  (that’s powder room art, if ya don’t know, all the kids are sayin’ it)

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