Trash to Treasure Tuesday-The Wrapping Paper Edition

Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:

I like to change up my holiday decor a little each year.

I like change, but I don’t want to spend much change.

I like to add touches of holiday color to every room in my house.

If you answered “Yeah, that’s me” to any of the above statements, then you have fallen into my trap, my pretties.

Don’t worry, I’ll let you go, as soon as I show you some cheap ideas to accomplish your goals with WRAPPING PAPER.

Some of you might remember this wrapping paper that I found for half off at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago.

I loved the color and pattern so much, I decided to use it around the house for everything BUT wrapping gifts.

It’s a BIG roll, so I can wrap some gifts with it too.

AND, I’m thinking about buying out Hob Lob’s stock as soon as I can get there again.

With beautiful paper like this, you can even use TRASH for holiday decor.

wrapping paper, ornaments 003Just wrap some empty boxes and display “gifts.” While you’re at it, write a Christmas message on that chalkboard plate you made.

Frame a piece of paper and add a crooked monogram. Crooked monograms are ALL THE RAGE in Christmas decor this year.

wrapping paper, ornaments 004Next, pay 25 cents a piece for some plates at the thrift store, spray paint them, and add some paper with double stick tape. If you’re REALLY crazy good, add rub on letters that you can barely see, and make your eyes cross when you try.

Finally, when you’re getting really tired of this, cover a craft paper ornament with paper to add another touch of pattern.

I’m thinking of covering the toilet lids in paper too, but I gotta rest for a minute. Go wrap some stuff!

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