Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The Home Office Edition

Isn’t it amazing how clearing clutter actually CLEARS your mind too?  I find it nearly impossible to work in a mess.

Especially when I MADE the mess.

Guilt trumps creativity EVERY TIME.

I spent most of Sunday working on my home office.  I have a little trouble “resting” on the Sabbath, so after Mass, I’ve usually got a project going.

Remember this mess from last week?

Now it looks like this.

Not bad, for ZERO DOLLARS, huh?

Since the doors are NEVER closed, (just like the pantry and all of the closets around here), I decided to make the inside pretty AND organized.  I used leftover paint from the TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR powder room to paint the interior.  I used the covered shoe boxes and baskets for storage.

My textured paintable wallpaper shows up again lining the back wall.

Pens are kept in an empty food jar with a chalkboard paint label and a scrapbook paper liner.

I plan to paint the exterior black to match the book cases that flank this armoire, but that’s a project for another Sunday.

Looking for more inspiration?  Or just better pictures than mine?

Here’s another home office in an armoire that you might find inspiring.  Looks like this family never closes the doors either.  I do love the pin-up boards inside the doors, and plan to add more cork to mine as soon as my self imposed January spending freeze has been lifted.

Needless to say, I’m loving this clean and uncluttered look.  Now if I can just get the fam to keep it that way.

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Decorating With Thrift Store Finds, The Basket Edition

Hey friends!  Decorating with thrift store finds is my favorite. pastime. ever.   This weekend, my son and I (there’s nothing better than a 20 year old that wants to thrift shop with his mom!) hit a couple of yard sales, and the local Goodwill.  I came home with 2 crocks, 3 baskets, and another thingy I can’t identify.    I turned the baskets in to quick and graphic wall art and styled them LIVE on Facebook last night.  Check out the video HERE.

A few friends invited me to join an Under Ten Dollar project challenge today, and my finds fit that budget perfectly.  Let’s play with 50 cent baskets, shall we?

So here’s what the baskets looked like on the thrift store shelf.  I didn’t love the color, but I did love the shape.  AND the price.

I have been a little bored by our dining room chalkboard/plate wall lately, so I thought I’d jazz it up with some texture, and baskets are the perfect way to do that.

I started with two light coats of  Rustoleum’s Chalked Spray Paint in Charcoal, my new favorite paint in my favorite color.

Then I had a little fun adding some seasonal touches.  Can you tell I’m ready for fall?

A little green adds a fresh look.

I’m even ready for snow!  Well, not really…

Here are some more basket wall art ideas:

Using painters’ tape and a light hand, tape off and paint a pattern on your basket for more graphic punch

Add faux flowers to your basket for a new take on a wreath

Add a plate for a layered look.  Hang both the basket and the plate from the same nail

Trim a photo to fit and use your basket as a frame

Have you ever hung a basket on a wall?

Thank you so much for joining me for some decorating with thrift store finds ideas!  If you love this post, put a pin in it and share with your family and friends!

NOW, head on over and check out the amazing creativity of my friends!!


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