Guest Blogger–My Dear Trash

Good morning, my friends, I’ve got quite a TREAT for you today.  Kelly, from My Dear Trash, is here!  Don’t ya just LOOOOVE that title, “My Dear Trash?”  Kelly and Laura introduced themselves to me a few months ago, and I’m so glad they did.  Their blog is like a TREASURE CHEST of reinvented TRASH!

Welcome Kelly!

I’m so thrilled to be guest blogging here at Reinvented! Over at My Dear Trash, Laura and I are always on a thrifting adventure. Our blog features the treasures we find and what we do with them. Before I show you my newest trash here’s a few past projects…This frame collage was created using 3 different frames purchased at a yard sale for $5.

Laura gave me this 9′ table she picked up for $50 and I transformed it with paint and vinyl lettering.

After a trip to the metal salvage yard, I created this pottery barn copy cat clock face.

I picked up this playhouse at a garage sale and completely remodeled it! And now, my newest project… A free dresser turned Girlie Tool Box.I picked up this dresser for free at a yard sale. Why was it free, you ask? While riding in the back of a truck during a move, one of the drawers blew out and one got damaged. The owner figured it was trash. I love trash, so Mr. Right loaded it up. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, so it just hung out in my shop (garage) for a few months. I found myself putting my painting supplies in the remaining drawers– It became very convenient- always knowing where my brushes, sandpaper, spray paint, etc. were. Until one day, the unexpected happened…

The whole bottom of the drawer gave out- One spray paint can too many I guess. I was almost ready to donate the dresser to our wood pile but I really missed the convienience of my supply chest. That’s when I got the idea to replace the drawers with shelves. All we’d need was a few sheets of plywood. A few weeks later, while garaging, we found a pile of lumber marked “Free” at the side of the road and, you guessed it, Mr. Right loaded it up.Here’s Mr. Right cutting the pieces to fit my new cabinet.

Here she is all painted up…

And here she is all ready for business…

I picked up these buckets for .25 each at a yard sale. They used to be baby blue, but they make great containers for extra knobs, nails, etc.

This scalloped tray was a find just last weekend for $2- all she needed was a coat of black paint. My set of pink tools fit perfectly- also a garage find for $2.

These baskets were left over from my daughter’s “Baby” closet. They used to hold socks, shoes, burp cloths, blankets, etc. Now they are labeled and hold my most important tools.

This “Projects” holder was a $1 find at Goodwill. It used to be blue with an oh so outdated tole painting (wish I had that before pic)

And to make it the perfect Girlie tool cabinet- Mr. Right added industrial strength castor wheels, so I can move her all over the shop.

Thank you so much Kimm for letting me guest blog. You can read about more of our thrifting adventures over at My Dear Trash, have a great weekend. Love, Kelly

Aahhh, don’t you just love the verb “garaging?”  I can’t wait until “garaging” season starts.  Thanks Kelly, what a fabulous makeover!  Have a great day everyone.  Spend some of it checking out My Dear Trash!

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