Trash to Treasure Tuesday–The Spring Edition

Happy Spring Everyone! I am excited to be here today on Kimm’s fabulous site! My name is Stephanie and I am the girl most likely to be found over at Somewhat Simple!

I am coming to you all the way from sunny AZ. Sorry to the rest of you still covered in snow- you can all laugh at me in July when the weather is “less than perfect” here. (Do you like how I am trying to stay positive about what I used to call “Tell-me-again-why-I-moved-here heat”?- It’s all in the attitude, right?) Spring in Arizona is like the down-hill sprint to hot summers that I dread so much, so I try to prolong this bright and cheery season and what better way to do that than by making some fun spring crafts?!  Lets get started!

I bought this wreath last year on clearance:

and the reason it was on clearance was because up close, a lot of the eggs looked like this:

Some might call it character, some might call it trash, I call it a makeover waiting to happen!

So I took apart this wreath, saving the wreath itself for another project and setting aside the foam eggs it came with til I knew better what to do with them…

…and then I saw this cute idea in Family Circle Magazine:


I decided to make a day of egg decorating with the kids. What kid doesn’t love glue and glitter, right?

And this couldn’t be easier!


Egg, glitter, double sided tape (or glue) and a plate to help contain the glitter- but really, the glitter ends up everywhere after the kids get done, so whatever!


Wrap your tape around your egg.


Roll your egg around in the glitter. If you are doing multiple colors, start with the darkest color first. Tap your egg a few times to get the glitter off. I learned with Styrofoam eggs you need to physically dust the glitter off with your pointer finger.


Add more colors. I went in a straight-lined pattern, but the kids were doing zig zags and cross overs and I liked theirs better!

Or you can do an all-over color by using a glue stick, like these. (Better for little kids- they like using glue and get less frustrated!)

So once you are done…

…put all your eggs in a cute glass vase or bowl!

We made several varieties, using fabric, Washi Tape and other fun embellishments, but you’ll have to check out those ideas on somewhat! Stop by and say hello! There is something new each and every day- recipes, crafts, spotlights and more! If you come tomorrow, you can join our online link party that I host each Thursday. Consider yourself personally invited!

Kimm, thanks for having me as your guest today! You’ll need to come post on my site soon!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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