Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Happy spring Tuesday morning!  Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday.  I was wondering this morning how many of these parties we’ve had, one of these days I’ll have to count.

Today I have some beautiful projects for mismatched teacups.  My quest for teacup projects started with the March issue of Country Living magazine, where I saw a simply awesome project that involved an old metal candelabra with vintage teacups glue to the candle spots.

It was GORGEOUS.  And I can’t find the picture anywhere.  Sigh.

I did find some others that I found equally as charming, though.

teacup-wineglass-de-84911859Aren’t these adorable?  Just imagine sipping wine on a summer evening from such a beautiful vessel.

teapot-lamp-de-66036734OR reading a novel by lamplight.  From this gorgeous teapot and teacup lamp.

BTW, if you’re wondering I’m STILL working on my wall of frames project.  And, yes, the laundry is finally caught up.

For, like, five minutes.

Link up those projects!

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Trash To Treasure Tuesday-Desk Chair Makeover

Hi Friends!  Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

I’m excited to share a fun desk chair makeover today.  Let me introduce you to today’s TRASH, ok?

I picked up this dining chair at the Goodwill for $3.99.

Do you see the whitish haze on the top?  I thought that was just a cloudy film on the finish due to moisture.  But…

my friends, that was some serious CRUD.  Gross.  I used a scouring pad, baking soda and some elbow grease to clean this baby.

Once my slate was clean, I gave her two coats of Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint in Oyster.  I sanded her smooth, and added a coat of clear wax.

That disgusting seat was covered with a layer of cotton batting, and another piece of fabric cut from our duvet cover.  (if you’re now thinking “WAIT, WHAT?  She’s cutting up a duvet cover??  Check out my quick and easy master bedroom update for a perfectly reasonable explanation. )


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the transforming power of paint.  I am so excited to use this cutie at my desk.

And since I’ve added some graphic punch to our room using my mad love for typography, I added a little fun to the back.

If you love my new desk chair, and you know you do, I’d love a pin!

trash to treasure desk chair pin

Thank you so much for visiting and for all of the wonderful comments and good wishes on the launch of Perspective 27.  If you haven’t yet read the story, or entered the giveaway, click here.

Have an awesome week!

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