Trash to Treasure Tuesday – GARAGE SALE kind of fun

Happy Tuesday, my friends!  I hope that you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.  We sure did.  My weekends are usually full of chores, but this one had a little time for fun, too.

GARAGE SALE kind of fun.

Like, I HIT THE JACKPOT at a garage sale kind of fun.

I left my house Saturday morning with some goals.  My two younger children needed desks for their rooms.  They are getting older (11 and 8) and more independent (sniff, sniff).

I actually found TWO DESKS in one day.  I swear I could actually hear the angels singing.

rachel 11 b-day 016This one was TEN BUCKS.  Yep, you read that right.  It’s one seriously solid and H.E.A.V.Y. desk, perfect for a high energy 8 year old.  See that purple monster?  It’s a pencil sharpener that belches every time you sharpen a pencil.  Cracks me up every time.

rachel 11 b-day 017This one was TWENTY BUCKS, and included the matching chair.  I already had to clean off a mess to take this picture.  Let’s just say that my 11 year old daughter is NOT a neat freak.

I had plans to paint both desks, but my children refused.  I’ll have to keep working on them.  The kids, I mean.

Those fabulous desks aren’t ALL I found, no siree.

Check out THIS.

rachel 11 b-day 007 

I actually found TWO of these Pottery Barn shelves, for $5.  They were originally off-white, but I’ve already given them a coat of glossy white spray paint.  They’ll go above the daughter’s desk, just as soon as the handyman gets around to it.

rachel 11 b-day 010I also got these pears.

rachel 11 b-day 011And some “real looking” fake leaves for fall.

rachel 11 b-day 013A wreath.  And a pretty green candle that matches my dining room.

rachel 11 b-day 014Beautiful brown silk fabric with embroidered dragon flies.

rachel 11 b-day 015And these plaques, which will most certainly be a “trash to treasure” project soon.

Can you hear the angels singing too?  This was the kind of garage sale weekend that I DREAM about at night.  Seriously.

I am linking up to thrifty treasures at Southern Hospitality.  Check out the fab finds!

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