Trash to Treasure Tuesday – Remember these plaques

Happy Tuesday!

Get ready folks, I’m about to share the SIMPLEST, EASIEST trash to treasure transformation EVER.  Probably the most boring too, but I hope you’ll stick around anyway.

Remember these plaques I got in a $1 box of garage sale loot?

Rachel’s Party 006They’re not exactly UGLY, the colors just don’t fit with our decor.

Out came my bestie, Heirloom White.  I swear, friends, this color has changed.  the  my.  world.

I walk around my home LOOKING for things to spray paint.  Last week I even bought a QUART of my fave.  You know, just for emergencies.

I’m thinking of using it on the dog.

Rachel’s Party 007Here they are after a quick coat.  Better, but not finished.

So I got out my friend Ralph.  Smokey Ralph Lauren glaze, I mean.

Rachel’s Party 009Ta Da!  Now these beauties will fit in anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW that 1,350,395 people have painted and glazed trashy finds.

But the transformation still THRILLS me.  EVERY TIME.

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Trash To Treasure-Patriotic Bunting From Scrap Fabric

Hi friends!

Happy Trash to Treasure Tuesday!  I had so much fun with my super quick and no spend 4th of July mantel decor, I thought I’d carry over the patriotism to a trash to treasure project.

I made a patriotic bunting from some scrap drop cloth fabric, and I’m excited to share it with you today.

I started by cutting up some drop cloth scraps in to 10 triangles, keeping them uniform by tracing around a cardboard “pattern”.

Next I stamped blue polka dots on 5 of the triangles using the round wooden end of a sponge brush.

I used Jacquard Dye-na-Flow paint in Azure Blue and it worked great.  I just tapped the end of the brush in the paint, tapped once on the paper plate to remove excess paint and then stamped on the fabric.

The other 5 triangles were striped using Dye-na-Flow in Brilliant Red.  I used Frog Tape to line up the stripes, and a regular paint brush to apply the paint.  I like that this paint is kind of opaque, so the colors look a little faded over time.

To assemble the bunting, I folded just the very top edge of the fabric over a long piece of twine and added some hot glue to secure.

Here’s a close up.  Clearly, I had fun taking pictures.  🙂

This bunting will be used to decorate our tent at the fireworks on Saturday night, but it looks pretty awesome on my modern rustic bench too, if I do say so myself.  (wink)

This project would be super easy to create, with fabric like I did, or paper.  If you don’t have plain fabric, you could even paint any fabric first with a solid color, then add dots and stripes.  Or stars and stripes.

Trash to Treasure Patriotic Bunting

Thank you so much for visiting!

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