DIY Dog Gate For Your Porch

Hi guys!

How was your weekend + Monday?

I attended the Haven Conference for DIY and Home Decor bloggers over the weekend in Atlanta.  It was glorious.  I learned a lot, slept too little, and ate too much; and on Sunday, when all I wanted was my own bed, I was stuck in Chicago’s O’Hare airport for HOURS.  I finally arrived at the reinvented home at 1am.

It took me all day Monday to recover.

I was so happy to see the engineer I decided to share another of his genius ideas today.  My heart gets a little mushy when I’ve been away, what can I say?

This one is for the pet owners out there.  Dog parents, actually.

I’ve mentioned before that we like to sit on our porch.  In these rocking chairs.  With wine.

We’d be okay with dogs too, but the huge little buggers won’t stay on the porch.  They run off after every chipmunk, babies in strollers, and even the occasional breeze.

I wish they would just relax, like this dude.

dog with ball

But…they won’t.

So to solve this little problem, the engineer built a DIY dog gate for the porch.  It is made entirely of 2×2’s.

There are 2 horizontal 2×2’s, and as many shorter vertical pieces as you need to cover your porch opening, glued and screwed together.

The gate slides easily between the porch rail spindles on the right side.

And on the left side there is a “leg” so that the gate can stand up without a porch rail for support.

We painted the gate the same color as our trim, so it blends seamlessly with the porch.

And it keeps our sweet dogs exactly where we want them to be.  We can slide the gate out of the way easily to exit the porch, and there are no hinges or hardware to worry about.  In the winter it will be stored in the garage.

What do you think?  Would you be interested in a detailed tutorial, engineer style?

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting Reinvented!

An Easy Old Dresser To TV Stand Conversion

Hey friends!  I’m so excited that you are here, thanks for coming by!  Tonight I have something to show you and something to tell you.  Which one do you want first?  Maybe I’ll just tangle them up and go for it, k?    First, I’ll tell you a tale about an old dresser to TV stand makeover.

This dresser was given to me by my sweet stepmother, and it has served us well as a kid dresser.   It’s your typical medium stained maple dresser from the 70’s.     I guess because it has spent its long life as a kids’ dresser, until recently I hadn’t noticed the potential for a new look and a new use.  And as much as I love taking a paintbrush to furniture, I’ll admit, there was also a little “don’t paint the wood” guilt going on since it was given to us.

Once the children started moving out (why oh why do they keep doing that??),   we converted a bedroom into a teenage hangout space, my eyes were opened and I saw a TV stand where the old dresser had been.

After a good cleaning, I brushed on one coat of a satin finish gray paint.  (<– that’s my fave)  I stopped after one coat to let a little bit of the wood tone show through.

Next I lightly brushed on a little bit of metallic paint in Tin.  If I haven’t told you before, I love me some old (and pretend old) metal.  If when you try this, be

sure to dip your paint brush very lightly in the paint and then dab it on a paper towel to remove the excess.  You want just a TINY bit of pain on your brush to give the a worn look to the finish.

I took out the top drawer,  drilled a couple of large holds in the back for cables, and utilized that spot for the cable box and video game console.  The middle drawer was replaced with baskets; perfect for DVD’s and video games.   The baskets also add a little texture to contrast with the smooth paint, and make the piece look less “dresser-ish.”

We filled the bottom drawer with board games.

Now a dresser that stored little kid clothes for years now has a new life in our half full nest after an easy dresser to TV stand transformation.

And that thing I had to tell you?  Well, it has to do with the new tagline on my logo at the top of the blog.  Go ahead and scroll up, I’ll wait.

It seems silly, but I have struggled with finding a tagline for my business that captures our passions and our mission to inspire others.  I finally came up with this:  Treasure the Trash.  Paint the Dresser.  Tell Your Story.  Those three short sentences tell all about our purpose here, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  Together we’ll shop thrift stores and flea markets to find trash to treasure, we’ll paint those dressers already, (and not worry what anyone else thinks!) and we’ll tell our stories.  Are you with me?

Want to see more painted furniture projects?  Check out my painted furniture gallery HERE.  And follow my Painted Furniture, Reinvented board on Pinterest.

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