IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser

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I am really excited about today’s furniture makeover project.  I know, I get pretty jazzed up over all of my furniture makeovers, but this one’s special.  Honest.

A couple of month’s ago I received an e-mail asking if I’d like to participate in an IKEA Rast dresser makeover with Pittsburgh Paints and Hickory Hardware.

There were 3 reasons I said yes.  One, I have never worked with IKEA furniture before, and have admired many other hacks of the Rast piece.  Two, I’m always game for trying a new furniture paint, and the idea of a modern, glossy finish from Pittsburgh Paints new Trim, Door, and Furniture paint was more than I could resist.  Three, I {heart} hardware.

If you haven’t yet met the Rast,  I’m happy to introduce you.  This dresser is small, perfect for a bedside table, or side table.

I thought that the Rast would make a perfect side table for our bonus room that used to be a kids’ bedroom that’s a bonus room again that I’m planning a makeover for.  #thatwasamouthful

I purchased my paint, brush and clean up supplies from Menard’s, courtesy of our sponsors.

Pittsburgh Paints Trim Door and Furniture paint is ideal for pieces that will live with teenagers and get lots of use.   I actually felt like I was painting on a protective coating; not just color.


I used this glossy oil paint in Charcoal Gray.  Duh.  😉   See that shine?  It reminded me of metal, and inspired the final look for these drawers.

The shell of the dresser received a good sanding, and two coats of antique walnut stain.

After the paint dried on the drawers (oil paint does take a bit longer to dry), I sprayed on a light coat of aluminum metallic spray paint.  Next I dabbed on some silvery gray craft paint.  The final step was some dry brush strokes of gunmetal metallic paint.

Confused?  I was trying to create a “old galvanized bucket” look.

How did I do?

The aged metal ring drawer pulls from Hickory Hardware are the perfect “bucket handle” accent.

If you love it, put a pin in it!

IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser from Reinvented

This dresser and that chalkboard print are my inspirations for the bonus room makeover.  Maybe I’ll even create a mood board this week.

Love this dresser?  Check out this faux galvanized metal wreath I created out of PVC pipe!

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