Famous Farmhouse Decor Ideas Your Favorite Posts Of The Past Year

Famous might be an exaggeration, but five of our top posts for 2016 WERE farmhouse decor ideas, and farmhouse decor IS famous, so I made the connection.  😉    My friends, it has been so satisfying this past year to FINALLY settle on our personal style, and to begin to transform our builder grade suburban home into a personal space perfect for us.

Five Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Any Budget. Add Some Fixer Upper Style to Your Home with these easy DIY projects.

Let’s review our most popular posts of 2016, shall we?  You guys have great taste, these are my favorites too!  (just click on the arrows to see each of our famous farmhouse style decor ideas.

AND click on the links below each photo for the details of each project.

Hey hey!  With April half over and gorgeous spring weather finally here, I have been dreaming of relaxing summer evenings, and outdoor entertaining.  Child #3 is graduating from high school at the end of May so our first gathering will be her graduation party in early June.  I have some fun ideas for her party, but I have to admit, the thought of entertaining in our back yard in its current state turns my dreams to nightmares, and my excitement to panic.  So I did what any worried mother does; I turned to Pinterest to calm my nerves and to inspire me with farmhouse style patio ideas that I can pull off on my tiny budget.

Five Farmhouse Style Patio Ideas

This back porch from the Fixer Upper Colossal Crawford Reno is #backporchgoals.  While I’d love to invite Joanna to Ohio to recreate it, I’ll settle for incorporating a few of her amazing ideas.  Like a black and white color scheme.  And outdoor lighting.  And lots of warm wood tones.

I love the idea of using a mix of containers for potted plants and flowers.  Wood, terra cotta, and galvanized metal are my favorites to add rustic texture and farmhouse style.  This large faux metal container from At Charlotte’s House is ah-mazing!

One of the best ways to add style to an outdoor space is to bring the indoors out.   Ditch the paper plates and plastic silverware.  Bring out the good stuff and mason jars with straws, like Rooms For Rent.  Eat at a rustic wood table.  Hmm…I need a budget to match my big ideas…

Holy cow, what if I could paint the patio like Zevy Joy did?  This look reminds me of our modern farmhouse wall art.

Now I’ve completely blown the budget, but we need something to serve food and drinks from, like this DIY version from Simply Designing, right?

Ok,  I’m still panicked, but I’m also plenty inspired.  Here’s the list:

Farmhouse Style Patio Ideas

Use a black and white color scheme with lots of warm wood tones.

Add some kind of  lighting.

The more rustic the table the better.  And use the good dishes.

Stenciled concrete is GORGEOUS.

DIY food serving pieces are easier on the budget.  Especially if you’ve already blown it.

Which ideas is your favorite?  Do you have any outdoor decor plans for this year?

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