How To Paint Drop Cloth Fabric An Upholstered Bench

Hey friends!  I am excited to be hanging out with my best blogging friends today talking canvas drop cloth projects; a material I love because it’s cheap, sturdy, and looks a little like linen.  For this month’s blog hop I decided to re-upholster the bench in our bedroom for the third time and talk a little about how to paint drop cloth fabric.

Everything you wanted to know about how to paint drop cloth fabric

How to paint drop cloth fabric

First a disclaimer:  I have been crazy sick for a week so I enlisted the engineer’s help with this project.  I’m pretty sure that is the reason that the stripes are evenly spaced…  😉

I probably would have just thrown the fabric over the bench and haphazardly cut around it, but he broke out the measuring tape and an actual square thing.

And measuring happened.   I think he might have even drawn up plans before he started.  😉

Once we had ourselves a perfect rectangle, he engineered the heck out of the stripe taping process, wanting me to be sure and tell you to measure from the center point out when taping, and to mark an “X” on the stripes to paint.

Everything you wanted to know about how to paint drop cloth fabric

Step three should have involved placing a barrier between the cloth and the table, but engineers are better at measuring than common sense, so…a step four was added to cover the scrubbing.

Drop cloth canvas really soaks up the paint, so be prepared to use a lot.  We rolled on two shades of gray to give the stripes a little depth and pulled off the tape after the paint was dry.

Everything you wanted to know about how to paint drop cloth fabric

On my budget, cheap canvas fabric gives me the look I want and I love adding pattern with paint.  Other options include stencils and stamps.

Everything you wanted to know about how to paint drop cloth fabric

After I took these photos, I noticed that I need to do a little fabric trimming, but I was too tired.  I also forgot to move the plastic storage box under the bed.  Sorry.  #badblogger

Everything you wanted to know about how to paint drop cloth fabric

Thank you so much for coming by!  Now check out all of my fab friends and their drop cloth projects!

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