How To Add Style To Your Bathroom On A Budget

Hey hey!  Today is a special day.  We recently participated in a $100 Room Makeover Challenge, and because I’m a master procrastinator, we added another wrinkle and made it a “$100 makeover in one week challenge”.    Thank goodness the engineer is home to help because this whole working full time and decorating part-time gig is HARD.  Anywhoo, I can’t wait to share the finished room and share everything I learned about how to add style to your bathroom on a budget.

Yep, we chose our kids’ bathroom as the subject for this here transformation.

In true DDD (darn dumb decorator) style, I forgot to take any before pics, so I’ll need you to use your imagination.  Picture a plain bathroom with gray walls, white tile in the shower, linoleum on the floor and toothpaste in the sink.  It was seriously that bad.  We’ve lived in our home for 11 years, and this poor bathroom has “aged” right along with four stinky teenagers.

The first thing I did was take EVERYTHING out except for the fixtures, and clean from top to bottom.  Eww.   We scrubbed the walls, touched up the paint a bit and got started adding budget conscious style.

We went with a farmhouse look, of course, but I’m about to unload some tips on you that will work for any style.

Tip #1–Upgrade your lighting.   Good light is a must in a bathroom, why not make sure it sheds light on your style too?  I painted our fixture just like I did in our master bath, click here for that tutorial.

Removing the dusty globes and adding some fun vintage look bulbs made all the difference, and now it’s easier to clean!

Tip #2–Don’t be afraid to add some art, just be sure it will hold up to the sometimes steamy environment.  I found this fabulously rustic piece on clearance at our local discount store, and I’m totally in love with it.

Tip #3–Frame out your mirror.  Our builder grade mirror completely lacked character so we stuck some on.  If rustic wood isn’t your style, add a painted wood frame.

Tip #4–Think out of the box when it comes to storage.  We added a silverware caddy to the counter to store everyday grooming essentials.  I added several coats of polyacrylic to the wood base to protect it from moisture.

Tip #5–Add texture.  There are so many smooth textures in a bathroom, I love to add others in the form of wood, woven baskets, and metal.  We added this shelf above the towel bar (which is above the toilet) for a little display space and a spot for an extra roll of paper.

The ball jar and new towels added some color to this mostly neutral space.

And that’s it!

Here’s our cost rundown:

New Shower Curtain:  $17

Wood for the Mirror Frame:  $14

Wall Art:  $8 (best. clearance. purchase. ever.)

New Towels:  $12

New Light Bulbs:  $25

Command Strips to Hang the Mirror Frame:  $8

Paint for Light Fixture, Wood for the Shelf, Brackets, Counter Storage, Vintage Ball Jar, Framed Wallpaper and Toilet Paper Basket:  FREE (totally shopped my house)

TOTAL:  $84!!  (This is the first time I’ve been under budget in my life. ;))

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Have a fabulous weekend.

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