Thank you SO MUCH for visiting this blog.  We are thrilled to meet you, and so excited to be friends.

We started this blog in 2020.  Our first obsession was finding the right product for the right people, and the rest is history.  We knew almost instantly that this was a world we wanted to live in, and a community we wanted to be a part of.

Here you will find office products, laptops and gadgets reviews for REAL PEOPLE (you and me) that are easy on the budget.

Throughout our years of blogging, we’ve struggled to define our own style.  We are pretty sure we’ve finally settled on a modern farmhouse look. So if you’re still struggling too, I promise there is hope.


3 Things You Need To Know About Reinvented

  1. This blog is NOT a place where we are not the expert with all of the ideas. OH NO. We obsess about, research, and dream about office products and laptops SO MUCH that we are bound to have a pretty good idea on them every now and then.

However, this blog is meant to be a place where we share our ideas, and the good stuff we find.

  1. Reinvented is for ladies and gents, moms and dads, that want better productivity from their gadgets, but don’t want to or can’t go buy all new stuff each time they crave a fresh product. We research on their behalf, compare and finally give our opinion on what’s best.
  2. On that note, here at Reinvented, we believe in the power of research. Research is our favorite, and it’s the perfect way to find the perfect product out of the haystack that suits YOUR needs, and YOUR work on YOUR budget.

If you like to get yourself the product that complements your style, then you are in the right place!


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