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Best Mini Projector 2020

While big corporate projectors or fancy home theater set ups are a great way to conduct slide presentations or enjoy home entertainment, we don’t always have the luxury or, frankly, the need for a deluxe projector. It could be due to capacious concerns or, to be honest, blatant indifference towards it.

However, everyone enjoys the occasional get together to enjoy a big award show, a big match or watch a much-awaited Emmy nominated film with a large group of people if you do not own a large screen high definition television.

This is why you need the best mini projector in your cupboard to pop it out for those spontaneous hangouts at your house. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Comparison Chart For Top mini Projector  




  • Resolution: 480p
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Lumens: 2,400

QKK Mini Projector

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Weight: 99 lbs
  • Lumens: 4,500

DR. J Professional HI-04

  • Resolution: 720p
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Lumens: 3,600

Hompow Projector

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Lumens: 3,600

QKK Projector

  • Resolution: 720p
  • Weight: 09 lbs
  • Lumens: 4,200

Meer YG300

  • Resolution: 240p
  • Weight: 2 ounces
  • Lumens: 400

TOPVISION projector

  • Resolution: 480p
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Lumens: 3,600


  • Resolution: 720p
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Lumens: 4,500

Crosstour P600

  • Resolution: 480p
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Lumens: 2,600

Auking Projector

  • Resolution: 480p
  • Weight: 86 lbs
  • Lumens: 2,600

Best Mini Projector Reviews  

1. VANKYO LEISURE 3  | Best Small Projector

If you regularly host watch parties at your house or everyone always watches the bi game at your place, the VANKYO LEISURE 3 is a great addition to your home. It is compact, portable and the control panel are fairly comprehensible, without needing the hassle of fumbling around with the buttons.

The display on the VANKYO LEISURE 3 is, in a word, brilliant. With a display throw area of about 16.5 feet you can enjoy the benefit of seating front row while the images appear to come at you. It contributes to a display size of about 32 inches to 170 inches, making your viewing experience one to remember.

But do not just limit its superior features to watching stuff on a big white screen. You can use it for gaming as well, since it has all the necessary outlets that will let you connect your gaming console directly to the projector. Combative online games may lag a little if you connect it via third-party outlets so you can plug it in directly.

This may raise the suspicion that it will overheat the projector. Trust us when we say that the VANKYO LEISURE 3 has got it all covered. It has an advanced cooling system that allows any built-up heat to dissipate without damaging internal parts. Moreover, the fan noise is slashed down by 50% making it a quieter projector.

Highlighted Features  

  1. It has about 40,000 hours of lamp life, making replacement less worrisome.
  2. It comes in a convenient black carrying case that contains all the kits needed.
  3. The throw area is big enough to cover a screen of up to 170 inches.
  4. The advanced cooling system dissipates heat successfully and reduces noise.

2. QKK Mini Projector | Best Mini HD Projector

If you are someone who would like to have a multimedia projector in their possession to use pretty much on the daily, the QKK Mini Projector is a perfect choice. It is not exactly the most featherweight for a mini projector, but at almost 4 lbs., it brings with it a slew of configurations that are head turners.

Great for both outdoors and indoors, you can set it up almost anywhere. It can project images and videos on 30 inches to 170 inches of display screen from about a foot or two. Yes, that could be a drawback for those who would like to use them outdoors but that just means it’s safer from naughty kids.

The QKK Mini Projector is a complete kit. It comes with a hundred-inch projector screen, a remote control, an AV cable, an HDMI cable, a power cord all in a neat little box along with the projector. Thus, if you are wondering what to get your dad as a gift, you’re welcome.

Even better is the inclusion of the dual stereo speakers that guarantee you an amazing audio experience. You wouldn’t need any external speakers. Although, it is suggestable that in case you use it outdoors, it’s better to use additional speakers so that the ones at back can join in on the fun.

Highlighted Features  

  1. The projector comes in a complete kit and even has an included screen.
  2. The dual stereo speakers produce a good sound quality for the viewers.
  3. It has 50,000 hours of lamp hours extending viewing time by a great deal.
  4.  The contrast ration on this is immaculate creating very detailed images.

3. DR. J Professional HI-04  | Best Mini LED Projector

If you are looking for a more budget friendly version of the QKK Mini Projector, the DR. J Professional HI-04 is a great alternative. Sure, it doesn’t have 1080p resolution and 4,500 lumens (which is highly impressive) like the former but the DR. J Professional HI-04 has built a system that is good compromise.

At 720p resolution, it provides pristine quality lucid colors that is backed further by its fantastic contrast ratio of 2000: 1. The meticulous minutiae in each image, each silhouette, each character – that was something we were not expecting at all.

The DR. J Professional HI-04 is an all-rounder when it comes to device compatibility. Connect your mobile devices, gaming consoles, laptops, TV sticks, external hard disks, flash drives, and even micro SD cards – the possibilities are endless. You will always find an appropriate use for it.

Even though it supports 1080p resolution images, they will be downscaled to 720p and honestly, it’s not too bad. Images are decent and with the enhanced 20% brightness adjustment, 1080p movies could be great to watch on the DR. J Professional HI-04.

Highlighted Features  

  1. Diffuse reflection technology as opposed to direct light source is healthier.
  2. The contrast ratio produces accurate color and details to the real images.
  3. It has a lamp life of 40,000 hours ensuring prolonged viewing time.
  4.  Compatible with a range of smart electronic devices, it is user-friendly.

4. Hompow Projector | Best Mobile Projectors

If design specifics are a concern for you, you will be fairly pleased with the Hompow Portable Video Projector. It’s a matte white box with a significantly large lens. There are some buttons on the control panel that are almost one with the unit. Not clicky, but just elevated enough to create a seamless finish.

The controls on the remote are minimalist as well and not as crowded as usual television remote controls. Again, the matte black finish is appealing but it does tend to slip a little. However, the control features make up for these shortcomings with options like temperature control and noise reduction options on the projector.

The combination of the powerful contrast ratio of 2000: 1 and mighty 3,600 lumens culminates to form amazing picture quality. When we first tried it out, we were a bit skeptical. But after trying it out in a multitude of settings, the Hompow Portable Video Projector did not disappoint at all.

The fact that it combines 1080p resolution with almost 50,000 hours of viewing time, is beyond comprehension. How can such a petite box pack so many configurations? It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with it and we’re sure you will too. It may not look fancy, but by are the features glorious!

Highlighted Features  

  1. It has about 50,000 hours eliminating the need for frequent replacement.
  2. It has native 1080p resolution viewing that is pleasant on the eyes.
  3. The awesome contrast ration creates hits the not on color accuracy.
  4. It has a noise reduction feature that lets you control the machine noise.

5.QKK Projector  | Best Mini Portable Projector

If you like the previously reviewed QKK Mini Projector but are looking for a more budget friendly version of the same kind of features, you’ll be happy to know that QKK Projector is a happy little invention from the same line up with a few downgraded features that you can definitely live with.

First and foremost, the resolution: while the elder brother has 1080p resolution under its belt, the QKK Projector has 720p resolution which for a 170-inch display is not a bad deal at all. In fact, some users consider this a far better value for money.

Secondly, while the predecessor has 4,500 lumens projecting out of its mighty box, the QKK Projector has about 4,200 lumens. Just a difference of 300 lumens is absolutely nothing and honestly, even the most famous tech gurus were not able to distinguish between the brightness.

Third and lastly, the QKK Projector is almost a pound lighter. Portability and lightness are an issue that a lot of people are concerned with when it comes to carrying it from one place to another. Although, we didn’t think it was too much of a deal breaker but who doesn’t love a lightweight projector?

Highlighted Features  

  1. This projector has 4,200 lumens that is great deal.
  2. The projector can support 1080p resolution images.
  3. It has a horde of power outlets for superior connectivity.
  4. It has built-in 5W speakers that produce moderate audio.

Mini Projector Buying Guide


Typically, projectors have three kinds of throw area, or the size at which they display the images – throw, short-throw, and ultra-short throw. We will focus on the latter two in relation to mini projectors.

Short-throw and ultra-short throw projectors are better when set on a table top. You cannot install them overhead for that will not only give you a distorted image but also a washed-out image integrity. Short-throw positioning is about three to eight feet while the latter is about zero to four feet. Position your table top and projector accordingly.

Contrast Ratio

Many of you may look at numbers like “1000: 1” and think, “Hmm, okay this means nothing to me”. In simple terms, contrast ratio is the difference, or contrast, between darker and lighter images. This usually gives a far more detailed image quality, but there are external factors to consider as well.

Your display type will play a huge factor in this along with the lighting in the room you are in. You should always look for a higher contrast ratio but if you plan on viewing in dimly lit rooms, you are better off with a lower contrast ratio. Consider your setting before you make a decision.


Setting up a projector can be a daunting task and you might find yourself stowing it away in a corner in your garage somewhere, overwhelmed by its complicated instructions.

Thankfully, newer models come with QR code scanners for quick scan set ups, wireless connectivity or even software apps that can easily do the task. In case of wireless connectivity, it is important to keep in mind that you must have a strong internet bandwidth in order to combat the lag time.


It is no secret that everyone wants the highest resolution for their mini projectors because the higher the resolution, the better the image and video quality. However, once the purpose of the projector is determined, finding the top mini projector for you is going to be a breeze.

If you want the high definition movie theater experience, go ahead and give yourself a treat with a 1080p or a 4K resolution projector. However, if you want to use it for presentation purposes or if you have limited space, a 420p or even a 720p resolution mini projector is a standard choice.


One of our colleagues had a niece who received a mini projector as a Christmas present last year. Her uncle had given it to her because she’s big on astronomy. The look on her face was worth all the hiding and the lying and it was far too precious to put into words.

Maybe you could give someone, or perhaps, your children the joy of owning their very own mini projector. This will let them the freedom to be as creative as they possibly can.

Adults need a few presents themselves. Now is the perfect opportunity to put a smile on your loved one’s face with the best mini projector. Be sure to record their reaction!

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