Best Smartphone Projectors

Best Smartphone Projectors 2020

The advancement in the projector technology, alongside the development around phones, now enable unbeatable compatibility between projection devices and smartphones. Gamers, movie geeks, teachers, and other professionals can now efficiently enjoy synchronizing their phones with the best smartphone projectors.

After all, since phones are now versatile devices that go beyond making calls and sending messages to perform an array of office and entertainment functions, it adds more value to use them with projectors.

Just like mobile phones, smartphone projectors are unimaginably compact, lightweight, and portable. They allow you to carry and use them anywhere.

Despite the compact and portable features, smartphone projectors remain powerful, efficient, and reliable tools. These characteristics make them perfect presentation and image projection tools for people who value convenience.

If you are looking for a smartphone projector, then this is where you need to be. The article is a detailed compilation of everything that you need to know. So, we are confident that you will find a model that meets your preference.

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Smartphone Projectors




  • Brightness Level: 3600 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 32 to 170 inches

DR. J Professional HI-04

  • Brightness Level: 3600 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 32 to 170 inches


  • Brightness Level: 3600 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 50 to 170 inches


  • Brightness Level: 5000 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 40 to 200 inches

JINHOO Wi-Fi Projector

  • Brightness Level: 4500 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 32 to 176 inches

APEMAN 4000L Projector

  • Brightness Level: 4000 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: Up to 180 inches

ANGOR HD Projector

  • Brightness Level: 4500 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 40 to 200 inches

VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Projector

  • Brightness Level: 4200 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 38 to 200 inches

AZEUS RD-822 Projector

  • Brightness Level: 5000 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 40 to 200 inches

Crosstour Projector

  • Brightness Level: 2600 Lumens
  • Phone Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Screen Size: 32 to 176 inches

Best Smartphone Projectors Reviews

1.VANKYO LEISURE 3 | Best Mobile Phone Projector

You cannot doubt the credibility and reliability of VANKYO. The company is a popular market leader when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality projection machines. It has an incredible range of projectors under various categories.

As you’d undoubtedly expect, the company has more than one phone projector. But on the top of the list of the company’s prolific range of projectors is the VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector. The device is pretty reliable and comes with features that make it worthy of your time and money.

Firstly, the device is a 3600-lumens projector that efficiently supports 1080 pixels of video content. The resolution is considerably higher than that of ordinary projectors by up to 80%.

Such a level of brightness guarantees high picture quality and enables you to use the machine in areas with considerable natural lighting. As you will find out, pictures won’t look faded even in spaces with significant ambient light.

Another exciting feature of the VANKYO LEISURE 3projector is the contrast ratio. Just like brightness, this feature also helps to boost the image quality of the device. At 2000:1, the contrast ratio guarantees sharp images with spectacular whites and deep blacks. It can’t get better than this.

Highlighted Features

  1. The 3600-lumen brightness is ideal for dark and reasonably lit spaces.
  2. It features a big screen projection format of between 32 to 170 inches.
  3. The reliable cooling system ensures continuous use of up to 5 hours.
  4. The availability of several ports makes it compatible with many devices.
  5. The manufacture includes a carry case for portability.

2.DR. J Professional HI-04

If you are upbeat about getting a projector that conveniently connects to your mobile device, this should be your first stop. The DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Portable Movie Projector is a device that easily connects to smartphones. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t connect it to your laptop, TV, or other devices.

The DR. J Professional HI-04 allows you to quickly establish a reliable connection to any iOS device without any problems. Thanks to the lightning to the USB/HDMI adapter feature.

Again, Android users will also find the two options through which they can connect their phones to the projector. You can opt for the micro USB to the HDMI adapter or use the Type C connection to the HDMI adaptor.

Of course, the machine supports media formats of up to 1080P. But nearly all modern projectors are capable of that. The highlight, therefore, lies in the unbeatable native resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels. Such a native resolution gives the device the versatility to project images, graphics, texts, movies, and music.

The device features an advanced cooling mechanism that ensures that the system or any of its components do not give in to overheating. The machine can run continuously for more than for hours without the need to stop it.

Highlighted Features

  1. The five-layer lens system provides clear and detailed images.
  2. Guarantees an impeccable smartphone, TV, PC, and gaming compatibility.
  3. The stereo sound system guarantees an incredible hearing experience.
  4. The high native resolution provides crisp pictures.
  5. It features a convenient projection distance of between 1.5m to 5m.

3.TOPVISION | Best Cheap Smartphone Projector

You don’t have to seek a new mortgage to finance your new projector for a mobile phone; neither do you have to spend every penny in your savings account. There are affordable options that you can opt for.

A perfect example of a model that you may consider is the functional and effective TOPVISION Mini Projector. The device is moderately priced and ideal for people shopping on a budget. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on any of the key features a typical mobile phone projector. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The connection process is easier than you can imagine. Instead of using Wi-Fi or an HDMI cable to get things done, all you need is an ordinary USB cable to synchronize the screen of your phone with the device.

Another illustrious feature of the TOPDIVISON projection machine is its incredible big-screen image delivery. It produces an image size of between 50 to 176 inches with a throw distance of between 1.5 to 5.2 meters.

This versatility gives you fantastic convenience as you can set it to the right screen size, depending on the size of your audience. Of course, you will also consider the viewing distance of between 2m to 3m.

Highlighted Features

  1. The device features an inbuilt high-quality Hi-Fi stereo speaker.
  2. The big-screen delivery makes home cinema enjoyable.
  3. It is a multimedia projector that accepts many media formats.
  4. A 3600-lumen brightness enables indoor and outdoor viewing.
  5. The device is easy to install, set up, and use.


The DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector is a perfect device for anyone looking for a projector that blends high image quality, big screen projection, convenience, ease of use, and compatibility options in a way that you can only dream of.

The LCD video projector features an incredible contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a similarly high native resolution of up to 1280 x 720P. But as if that’s not enough, it also comes with an incredible brightness level of up to 5000 lumens. These three factors are true testimony that the device will deliver top-notch quality.

If you are an avid fan of large-screen projection, then you have it all with the DBPOWER machine. The device guarantees large images of up to 200 inches, a feat that not every projector will meet.

Despite the interesting combination of features, the DBPOWER L21 is impressively compact and portable. Anyone who is always on the road will find it pretty ideal for carrying anywhere. Besides, you won’t need to bring external speakers as the device features advanced inbuilt speakers to match the giant projection.

Some projectors produce images have an effect on your eyes that is similar to what you feel after staring on TV, smartphone, and computer screens. This device is different. It features a diffusing reflection imaging technology that helps to protect your eyes from intense light.

Highlighted Features

  1. A 5000-Lux brightness ensures sharp pictures in all environments.
  2. The inbuilt stereo speaker ensures quality sound alongside excellent viewing.
  3. Low fan noise helps to maximize concentration on the image and sound.
  4. It features a reliable cooling system.
  5. The device is easy to install, adjust, and use.

5.JINHOO Projector | Best Phone Projector

We understand that Wi-Fi, as a connectivity option between projectors and media devices, is a new and rare technology. However, it does exist and helps to eliminate the need for cumbersome cables when using a projector.

The JINHOO Wi-Fi Mini Projector is one of the few devices in the market with this type of connectivity option. It is an efficient connection mode for the modern computer and smartphone geeks. That’s because it’s easy and efficient.

But if you are a bit old school and wary about the process of establishing a wireless connection between your device and mobile phone, then the USB option will work well for you. Simply synchronize the screen of your phone with the projector directly using the USB cable.

Furthermore, the projector also comes with AV, VGA, and HDMI ports to offer compatibility beyond phones and tablets. So, this device is compatible with TV sticks, TV Boxes, Laptops, Pcs, USB flash drives, and media players, among others.

The device also features an updated native resolution, a high contrast ratio, and impressive brightness. These features make the projection tool ideal for office and home applications. You will find it ideal for home entertainment purposes as well as for making classroom or business presentations.

Highlighted Features

  1. The device features a versatile range of compatibility options.
  2. It comes with a free 100-inch portable projection screen.
  3. The updated brightness enables high-quality and detailed display.
  4. A Wi-Fi function ensures an effortless connection to mobile devices.
  5. You can easily synchronize the smartphone screen with the device.

Buying Guide For Smartphone Projectors

Choosing an ideal smartphone projector is a difficult task. It becomes even more challenging if you don’t know what to look for in the right model. We have everything here for you.



We understand why you are here. Of course, you are looking for a device that is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. Thus, the first and the most critical consideration you need to look out for is compatibility.

While not every device in the market is compatible with smartphones, the market has an incredible range of options. Just ensure that the model you opt for is compatible with the operating system of your mobile phone.

Interestingly, smartphone projectors feature incredible versatility when it comes to compatibility options. Apart from phone screen synchronization, these devices also feature VGA, HDMI, TV, and USB ports, among others. The implication is that you can also connect them with content devices of your choice,


Size And Portability

If you are looking for the best smart phone projector, then there is always the likelihood that you will travel most often hence looking for a way to keep light while on the go. Smartphones are pretty portable. So, isn’t it ideal to ensure that you pair them with equally portable projectors?

Luckily, you won’t be disappointed. Gone are the days of bulky projectors. Currently, projectors are amazingly compact and lightweight. These essential design features give the devices an incredible portability characteristic.

There is a variety of lightweight, compact, and portable options. However, they don’t come in standard sizes, designs, and weights. The reasonable thing to do is to choose a device that meets your needs. It is not surprising that you will find ultra-lightweight options that weigh less than a pound and fit in your pockets.


Image Quality

Smartphone projectors are miniature professional and entertainment devices. However, you should avoid at all costs, models that cannot guarantee impeccable image quality. They will not only make your presentations invisible but also make entertainment dull and boring. Ideally, compact should not translate to mediocre.

Go for projection machines that have unimaginable image quality. But what determines the quality that a projector can produce?

While there are several factors that you will need to look into, you will need to focus on contrast ratio, brightness level, and display resolution. Ensuring that you choose a device with a formidable combination of the three factors will deliver incredible picture quality.


Screen Size

Again, the screen size smartphone projectors vary from one model to another. What size of projection would be ideal for your objectives? This is a question that both new and seasoned users find difficult to answer.

However, the correct answer to this question will depend on two factors. Firstly, you will need to consider the size of the room in which you intend to use the device. Another factor that you will need to consider is the possible size of your audience.

Larger spaces and bigger audiences require larger screen sizes while the reverse applies for smaller rooms and fewer viewers. Excitingly, these devices feature a convenient range of screen sizes to choose from. The screen size will often increase with an increase in the projection distance.


Lamp Life

Apart from the lens, another feature that determines the longevity of a projector is lamp life. The longer the lamp life, the longer the lifespan of the device.

So, we advise that you consider a projector that is as long as possible to ensure that it serves you for a long time unless you need an image projection tool to use temporarily.

Final Words

The synchronization feature between smartphones and projectors is a characteristic that doesn’t come often. So, you shouldn’t expect all projectors to come along with this impressive characteristic.

But when it comes, the device makes an incomparable companion for business executives, influencers, teachers, students, and motivational speakers. Movie and gaming enthusiasts aren’t left behind, either.

More importantly, the best smartphone projector doesn’t limit you to using it with mobile phones alone. Instead, you will also find them compatible with other media content devices such as video consoles, TV sticks, Macs, and PCs, to mention a few.

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